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Sisterly Relations

Joan Clark - Chairman

Colette Brown-Graham - Co-Chairman

Leadership Development

Deeawn Roundtree - Chairman

LaVern Blackwood - Co-Chairman

Membership/Membership Experience

Priscilla Cabrera - Chairman

Initiative 1: Strengthen our Sisterhood


For more than a century, our sisterhood has served as the foundation for Alpha Kappa Alpha to be an indomitable force for good - in our communities, states, nation, and the world.

We will intentionally take time to fellowship and form lifelong relationships based on affinity, love, trust, respect, and shared goals and interests while concurrently, building on our foundation to serve others.

Areas of Focus:

  • AKA Soror SquadsTM

    Soror Squads are focused on building greater bonds of sisterhood around common endeavors or activities through intimate small groups

  • AKA PalsTM

    AKA Pals will allow members to create cross-regional relationships to allow for greater fellowship

  • Random Acts of Sisterliness

    Random Acts of Sisterliness offer an opportunity for members to share random acts of care and compassion.

  • "We Are One" AKA Service Day

    During our Annual MLK Day of Service, all members will join together, volunteer and serve the community side-by-side.

  • Leadership Development

    Undergraduate and Graduate members, across all life stages, will engage in a modern interactive, and high impact leadership development program.

  • Membership Reactivation



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